Digitising Supply Chains
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Leaf was born from our aspiration to support retailers in their inevitable drive to improve sustainability in their manufacturing and supply chains.

We are proud to announce that CORE has been awarded the prestigious
Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

How Does Leaf Work?

Leaf is a technology platform that captures and receives data through integration with suppliers, 3PLs, carriers, 3rd parties and non-profit organisations.

We enable retailers to visualise and track the positive impact of their sustainable initiatives.

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Illustrate your current sustainability impact, whether
water, waste, plastics or CO2.

Our software and best practice sharing has helped our customers become signatories to sustainable initiatives, enabling them to share their commitment and progress in a more public and open way.

How big is your footprint?

A container ship, importing goods into the UK from Shanghai, will produce 7,800,000 kg of CO2.

Enough CO2 to fill a very large balloon!

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